Our mission begins with a basic premise: that we are all active participants in a constructed collective we call society — living & breathing actors in the same stage play. In today’s production, we see new opportunities to establish and embrace connections within this collective and realize its potential to grow into a community.

What is SixByEight Press?

A monthly online publication consisting of six articles by a rotating team of contributors that discusses & analyzes the latest in arts, culture, and politics through a unique editorial angle rooted in & influenced by theatrical perspectives.

Who Are We?

We are first and foremost theater lovers — but also amateurs, professionals, patrons, and participants who believe that this craft provides the language to speak openly & earnestly about society in a manner that promotes honest understanding, connection, and change.

Why the Name?

In technical theater speak, a “six by eight” — that is, a 6′ wide by 8′ deep riser — is one of the most common platform sizes used to seat the audience. Hence, if the riser elevates the audience physically in anticipation of the unfolding play, then we at SixByEight Press are committed to elevating the reader/audience emotionally & intellectually in creating & cultivating a platform for critical discourse on current socio-political news & events.

At SixByEight Press, driven by our shared passion for theater and the human desire for connection & change, we aim to use the tools of theatrical discourse to recognize the roles we play in society in pursuit of our ultimate aim of cultural transformation from individual human actors into an ensemble for humanity.

  • We are not a performance studies journal — though academic topics might guide our discussions.
  • We are not an industry magazine — though news & stories from within the professional theater community might inspire our latest thoughts & reactions.
  • We are not only for those who have a background in theater — though for those who do, you’re with kindred spirits.

What we are is curiosity, sincerity, authenticity, and — if we’ve done our part — community in its most earnest form.